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     Beth Kille is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Madison, WI who has been performing her original music since 2000. In addition to performing with the Beth Kille Band, she is also a member of the trio Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, and the band Kerosene Kites.

     When not performing, Beth serves as the Music Director for Girls Rock Camp Madison, the co-founder/producer of Flannel Fest, producer/engineer at Studio Gusto, and is a mom.

     Her mission in life is to inspire all to embrace their creativity.

     Mindy Wilson lives in Utah with her three young children, who keep her active life full of laughter. She is a paraeducator at a local elementary school for special needs children. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. When she is not working as a paraeducator, you can find her at the park with her children, working out, crafting a speech for motivational speaking, or writing while blasting empowering music/motivational speakers.

     Mindy struggled to find her own distinct voice and passions in life as a young woman and adult. She suffered from low self-esteem and imposter syndrome, trying to find her group where she belonged. She survived a 13-year domestic violence marriage, with every form of abuse. Her voice was temporarily silenced while passions and dreams were locked away. Through this trial, she gained a love for writing, and a deep passion to help other victims of domestic violence, and educate the world through advocacy. Her philosophy in life is: "We all have a story within us that can destroy us or help others, so why not use it bravely?" Today a transformed woman, Mindy uses her voice as a survivor and mother to empower people to take their trials and use them for good.

     Mindy is a children's author and you can find her book, "Jane Leaps Through Headaches," on Amazon this year. It follows a young girl and her passion through competitive gymnastics in the midst of migraines.

Connect at instagram @thedragonflyeffectpage or facebook @thedragonflyeffectpage

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     Michelle Saunders grew up in Bremerton, Washington with her mom, Diane, and her younger brother, John. She learned to navigate, at the age of seven, a chronic life-threatening auto immune disease, type 1 diabetes. She was previously married to a childhood friend, and while married to him they lived in Pullman, Washington. She returned to Bremerton, where she met her partner in life, Jeremy. After a whirlwind time of dating, she moved across the country to the seacoast of New Hampshire. They have two children, Thaddeus and Magnus, with a six-year age gap. The boys keep them hopping through life.

     They are an evangelical Christian family, and are learning to love people for who they are, not what they or society thinks they should be. Michelle is passionate about raising the two boys to be kind and contributing members of society in a positive way. Educating people on the differences between types 1 and 2 diabetes, and helping those who don’t have a voice, are two of her big passions in life. 

     The passion to help others came from her involvement in her church youth group, as well as being a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls as part of the Assembly, Manette #94, in the jurisdiction of Washington and Idaho. She leaves you with this: To love people like Jesus loved the unlovable, and to be of service each day.

     Wendy Herrmann has spent most of her career in training and higher education, most recently as a training coordinator, career coach, instructor, and facilitator. She is passionate about helping others learn and grow. Her educational background covers political science and policy, literature, student counseling, and educational leadership. She is an open-minded, life-long learner and enjoys new challenges.


     Wendy lives with her farmer-husband, Jon, and chocolate Lab, Penny. She enjoys reading, podcasts, Dave Matthews Band, camping, outdoor walks, puzzles, and recently conquered the art of breadmaking (almost). Wendy is diving into the world of writing and cannot wait to see what comes on this new adventure. You can reach her at:

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     Lisa Nelson grew up in a small town in West-Central Wisconsin. She went to UW-Stout for Graphic Design and has been living in Madison, WI over 20 years. Lisa has a very creative soul and enjoys time with friends and family, traveling, architecture, cooking, live music, and nature. 

     She was adopted as an infant and had an amazing adoptive family, but has struggled with unresolved medical issues for most of her life. Her goal is to be as informative as possible about her health and nutrition. Her strong will and positivity lead her to substantial balance in life. 


     Lisa wanted to share her story to help other adoptees become more aware of the underlying battles that they may face with adoption. For more information, feel free to contact her at:

     Elaine Turso, known as "Elaine The Brain," has been a creative, self-made, problem-solving entrepreneur since 2001. As the Chief Visionary Partner for the newly founded INsource It Marketing Agency, Elaine enjoys supporting other entrepreneurs with their businesses, getting shit done for them, so they can focus on their zone of genius. 

     Her friends call her "Elaine The Brain" because she gets intuitive "Pop Rocks" that help people find creative solutions to their problems. She founded the Get Shit Done Together Group to motivate and encourage her clients to maintain their momentum and achieve their goals. 

     She also runs her own podcast (The Potty Mouth Pep Talk) where she provides uplifting and motivational pep talks, that sometimes use colorful sentence enhancers. She is also a co-host of the Life by Design, Not Default podcast with her business bestie, K. Paige Engle. 

She is a Legacy Leader within Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women's organization she has been a part of since 2016. She is the Managing Director for the Diamond Membership level. She was voted the "One to Watch," with an award in 2017. 

     She is a mother to Alexis and Anthony, wife to Mike, and dog mom to Paisley, Chloe, and her grandpuppy, Jax. And her favorite things include watching “Friends” re-runs, spiced chai lattes with almond milk, “Mary Poppins,” Disneyland, and (of course) profanity. 

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     Angela Witczak lives in the Greatest Place on Earth in Baraboo, WI with her husband, a few of her eight children, and her dog, Loki. She is the bestselling author of Life is a Circus, Enjoy the Show, and a fundraiser extraordinaire. She lives by the words, “If you find yourself saying someone ought to do something about that, then take a look in the mirror, because you are someone”.


     Angela sits on a variety of community boards, from the local homeless shelter, to committees that improve and update her local parks. She has raised almost a million dollars for local charities and causes, believing that everyone matters. She doesn’t ever sit still unless she is sleeping, and she loves to tell people that she loves them and that they are valuable. She can be reached at

     Keely Crook was born and raised near Madison, Wisconsin. She has an affinity towards reading books that help her better understand herself and the world around her, in addition to reading books on canning, gardening and, most recently, dog training.


     When she isn’t reading up on a new topic of interest, you can find her hiking the trails or finding peace in the wilderness. She currently lives in Wisconsin.


     She hopes that her chapter will inspire other women to believe in themselves and to help them navigate their own way to a happier life.

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     Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Abbie Lorene has weathered many storms in her life; from being a teen mom, to living in a domestic violence shelter, and other complex medical situations. At times, these have left her feeling depressed and with no confidence. Through hard work, therapy, and spiritual perseverance, she rose like a phoenix from the ashes.


     Now, as an aspiring “mompreneur,” her mission is to make sure women feel loved, worthy, and accepted. She enjoys bringing her inspirational work to schools, youth challenges, and podcasts. Living now in Rock Springs, WI, she works to create generational impact alongside her children, Abreanna, Aspynn, Destyni, and Aizik. Abbie is a birth mother to Noah and angel momma to six.


Connect with Abbie at

     Cindy Strom is an RN, BSN, Certified High Performance Coach, and personal development coach. In each of these roles, she compassionately supports others, with a special interest in aiding caregivers who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. After her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she did a deep dive into health, especially proactive brain health. She loves to discuss what she has learned with those curious about health and longevity.

     Cindy lives in Madison, WI with her partner, Paul, two cats, and one exceptionally sweet rescue dog. Cindy has previously volunteered as an EMT, wildlife rehabilitation volunteer, and currently volunteers at a local farm sanctuary. During her spare time, Cindy loves being outdoors. Bicycling, hiking, swimming, and snowshoeing are some of her favorite activities. Other interests include travel, camping, and entertaining friends and family. 


     Laura Hulleman, the creator of the Endotype Formula, is a powerful truth teller. Her superpower is helping people believe that being themselves as they are designed is more than enough. Once a person is grounded in their identity, they can begin to operate from their zone of genius and experience more peace every day.    


     Laura spent years researching and recognizing the patterns that created the Endotype Formula, the most comprehensive and advanced personality assessment available at this time. Right now, she takes coaches and entrepreneurs on an adventure into their Endotype Formula to improve their businesses, embody their brand identity, and attract their ideal clientele. 


     She and her two boys live in a treehouse in Wisconsin, where they enjoy cozy fires in the winter, and camping, fishing and kayaking all summer long. 

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