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There is an epidemic plaguing women. 

Its name is comparison

Mom Shaming – Body Shaming

Anti-Aging Obsession

“I can’t believe he is with her!” 

“Why did she stay with him so long?”
“Why can’t I be more like her?”


This book takes you on a journey of eleven women who discovered that their life was waiting for them as soon as they did things their own way. After following the advice of the experts and gurus for much of their life, they still felt like failures. Each one finally decided to stop being perfect and forged their own path! 


If you are exhausted from doing life the “right way” and comparing yourself to others, we invite you to take a journey with these courageous women who decided that enough was enough. In these personal stories, you will hear how each has achieved amazing things by facing challenges one step at a time. 


Walk alongside women who have:

  • Discovered how to build a business that is designed for them

  • Left abusive relationships with power and love

  • Found significance and purpose through tragedy and heartache

  • Used their voice to change their lives, families, and careers


It's time for you to stand in your unique greatness. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, use this book to discover your beautiful design and build your life around that design.


Are you ready to stop doing life everyone else’s way, and make life your own adventure?


This book introduces you to the most comprehensive and advanced personality assessment available, the Endotype Formula, through the stories of these women. By taking the Endotype Formula quiz, you can discover which of these authors you are most like. Through the quiz and these vulnerable stories, you will understand yourself at a deeper level and receive the permission to stop being like others. The world needs more of you being YOU. 


These eleven stories of courage in the face of adversity are a true inspiration. Each woman tells of her struggle against two overpowering forces in her life: the paralyzing effects of self-doubt, and the seemingly insurmountable odds of beating the hand that life dealt her. With unflinching honesty and in frequently heartbreaking detail, the women recount their journeys through spousal abuse, financial obstacles, crippling illnesses, humiliating setbacks, and family tragedies. Their trials and ultimate triumphs will inspire and motivate you as you read their words and rejoice in their achievements.

Robin Ann Reed
Soul Coach
Energy Healer

The power of story is the way it connects us – not only with each other but with ourselves. But this book goes way beyond that.  Not only do these stories create connection, they help us better understand ourselves and others – courtesy of the Endotype Formula profiles they highlight. That is the real gift of this book.  These stories give us permission to be the unique human beings we are designed to be.  

Teresa Romain
Access Abundance Inc.

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Your Gift: 

On life’s journey we need direction. Do you look for advice from an expert or guru who can tell you what to do? They are just teaching you, their walk, their way . This type of advice can cause comparison and lead you off your path.

We have created for you a personalized gift that helps you to begin to listen to your inner guides; to hear what they are really trying to say.


Book Club Kit

​We have put together a list of questions to be used in your book club along with an interview with Laura Hulleman, the creator of the Endotype Formula. Download your book club guide here:


From Us

Hello friends!
     Have you ever found yourself comparing your life to someone else’s? Where you have read ALL the books from gurus that you look up to, but you can’t seem to make your life as successful as theirs? You constantly wonder, what special power do they have that you don’t have. We’ve been in those same shoes!
But what if we told you that the problem is not you, but the problem is actually comparison?
     From the time we are very young we begin to be compared to others. At school, we are compared to other students. At home, we are compared to our siblings. On our teams, we are scored and compared to other participants. Being good little girls (and boys) we begin to compare ourselves to our peers. We compare our bodies, grades, friends, hair, family, fashion, everything. 

Letter Photo.png

This does not stop as we age. In our adult years, we compare our education, religion, pants size, children, career, trauma, possessions, and relationships to those of others. We look on social media to compare our everyday lives to someone else’s highlights reel. It leads to mom-shaming, slut-shaming, and body policing. I am not talking about men doing this to women. I am talking about we women doing this to each other. You, consciously or not, rank yourself as better than or less than many of the people in your life. You have been raised to do this, and yet there is a high price to pay for it. This culture assaults our confidence, our self-love, our personal identity, and our joy.

     We all know the solution is to do life on our terms, and yet our learned behavior and culture of comparison are hard to break away from. This book is made to be an inspirational exercise in ending comparison. We want you to explore stories from 11 very different women, where they stop making comparisons to other people's lives and wrote their own stories!

     Only you can fill the shoes that you were meant to own. We give you permission to stop comparing your walk to everyone else’s and to live authentically to your own journey. Living your way, one step at a time. 



Laura and Angela

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